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Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy David Garman (right) and Ethanol Across America Director Doug Durante (left) kick off the Power Crops for the America's Conference.



Ethanol Across America is proud to sponsor Chris Lapp's "Coast to Coast on Ethanol" journey.


Former Bush White House Counsel Calls For More Recognition of Ethanol Health Benefits

Ethanol Teams with Veterans to Highlight Energy Security on Memorial Day

Senator Richard Lugar to be Featured on Ethanol Minute Radio (PDF 90K). | Click here to listen.

Ethanol & Rural Development (PDF 148K)

Economic Impact of Ethanol Production (PDF 370K)

Ethanol Across America Applauds Introduction of New RFS Legislation

Senator Richard Lugar Joins Ethanol Across America Advisory Committee

Ethanol Across America Releases Issue Brief On The Net Energy Balance Of Ethanol

National Renewable Energy Lab's Admiral Truly This Week's Guest On "Ethanol Minute" Radio

USDA Highlights Net Energy Gains on "Ethanol Minute" Radio

Forestry And Wood Wastes Could Be Key Feedstocks For Biofuel Production

General Motors Supports Ethanol On "Ethanol Minute" Radio Program

Senator Tim Johnson Joins Ethanol Across America Advisory Committee

DOE's Garman Featured On "Ethanol Minute" Radio Program

American Petroleum Institute Speaks On "Ethanol Minute" Radio Program

Dana Speaks On Performance In "Ethanol Minute" Radio Program

"Ethanol Minute" Radio Program Takes Off

Ethanol Across America Education Campaign Launched

Ethanol Across America Hails Senate Passage of RFS

Ethanol Across America Applauds Hawaii Action to Finalize Ethanol Program


Ag Processing Inc.
American Coalition for Ethanol
Broin Companies
Chief Ethanol Fuels
CoBank, ACB
Colorado Corn Administrative Committee
ED&F Man Alcohol Inc.
Ethanol Products, LLC
Fagen, Inc.
Genencor International, Inc.
Kansas Corn Growers Association
Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers
Katzen International, Inc.
Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board
National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition
National Farmers Union
Nebraska Corn Board
Nebraska Ethanol Board
Nebraska Public Power District
Novozymes North America Inc.
Reeve Agri-Energy
South Dakota Corn Utilization Council
Southern States Energy Board
Union Pacific Railroad
Wyoming Ethanol, LLC

Talk to experts. Ethanol Across America sponsors and supports several forums that allow industry, government, academia, the media and the public to exchange ideas and learn the latest developments about renewable fuel ethanol.

Ethanol Across America will enlist the talent of the ethanol industry, public leaders, academia, the media and individuals to tell this compelling story. Industry, government and non-profit organizations are all putting their shoulder to the wheel to support this effort, and it is making a difference.

Ethanol Across America will help educate people and organizations through a wide range of methods:


Conferences and Workshops

There are nearly a dozen events already scheduled across the country. EAA will also support state and local groups. EAA can be a force multiplier for some of the smaller, regional groups in many states, providing expertise, materials, and resources.

For a current calendar of Ethanol Across America events contact:

For more information on other events go to:


National Speakers Bureau

Ethanol Across America is establishing a national network of experts that can reach out to every audience — from schools to garden clubs. This nation wide network will create grassroots educational opportunities to reach all forms of media including newspapers, local newsletters, radio and local access television. This will provide a tremendous forum to reach all Americans with this educational message.

For more information, requests, or to be included in the National Speakers Bureau Directory please contact us at:


National Services Directory

Thirty years of commercialization and the construction of over 100 renewable fuel ethanol plants have created a valuable resource of information, products and services. Making the resources available to build plants and provide virtually every related service can help ethanol production continue to grow.

If you would like to be included in the National Services Directory send you request to:


Information Clearinghouse

Consumers and other leaders who want to support ethanol programs and policies need information. Ethanol Across America provides that information, or will help you find it. States seeking to develop an ethanol program need assistance getting started. Our goal is to help these state officials understand the strategies employed by successful state programs that have facilitated the expansion of ethanol production.

If you have information you would like to share with others please send a request to:


Testimony and Expert Witnesses

Supporting State and Federal Programs through information and education is one of our important goals. Ethanol Across America is a network of advocates, many with experience in the ethanol industry dating to its origins. Sharing this experience and being part of the grassroots solution, is one of our most important missions.

If you would like more information you would like to request support please send a request to:

Empowering the public with knowledge and choice

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