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Empowering the Public with Knowledge and Choice

Ethanol Across America is the only non-profit/charitable (501 c3) program dedicated to grassroots education and consumer awareness about renewable transportation fuels.  Like the Sierra Club or other environmental groups, the education program is not constricted by political or business interests. The goal is not to be politically correct or sensitive to particular businesses interests. The message is untainted; it is bipartisan and has the national interest at heart without regard to special interest pressures or obstacles. The message is simple. More domestic alternative fuels and less imported oil are good for the United States — and you. Ethanol Across America is about democracy, the freedom to choose non-petroleum vehicles and fuels in a free market, and creating access to enough credible information to make an educated decision. The program is about science, truth and democracy helping the consumer triumph over industry propaganda and special interest politics.

The objective of this national educational mission is to increase renewable fuel (e.g., ethanol, biofuels) use and production. It is not about ethanol vs. other energy sources, E-85 vs. E10 it is about changing status quo – ethanol just happens to be leading the way. It is not about corn feedstocks vs. cellulose, it's about domestic alternative fuels – feed corn just happens to be leading the way. Ethanol Across America supporters stand on one common ground - more ethanol regardless of the losers — which is only, imported oil and gasoline. To create the environment for consumers to be offered a solution and be open to accept change in status quo, they must first and foremost understand there is a problem. It must be real and it must affect them. The problem is imported oil, one of the solutions is the continued development and use of ethanol.
Ethanol Across America is a non-partisan, non-profit public outreach and education program of the Clean Fuels Foundation.

The Ethanol Across American education campaign receives support from its board of advisors, and other leaders that actively support the development of alternative fuel fuels. The Ethanol Across America education campaign also works cooperatively with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Energy, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Its bipartisan Congressional Board of Advisors is co-chaired by Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN, Ranking member of the Foreign Relations committee, and the Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry committee) and Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE, Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry, and Armed Services committees).  The Co-Chairs of the Board of Advisors are joined by their colleagues Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD, Energy & Natural Resources committee), and Congressmen Lee Terry (R-NE, Energy & Commerce committee), Jay Inslee (D-WA, Energy & Commerce and Natural Resources committee), and William Delahunt (D-MA, Foreign Affairs committee).

Empowering the public with knowledge and choice

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