Public-Private Partnership Supporting National Information and Outreach Effort

Washington, D.C. June 4, 2003 — Representatives of industry, government, and public interest groups announced today the launching of an extensive public education, information and outreach campaign in support of ethanol.

U.S. Senators Conrad Burns (R-MT) and Ben Nelson (D-NE) will serve as Co-Chairmen of Ethanol Across America, which is directed by the Clean Fuels Foundation, a 501 (C)3 non-profit organization, and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy.

"Americans want to do something to lessen our dependence on foreign oil and, at the same time, help the U.S. economy. Ethanol does both," Senator Nelson said. "Ethanol Across America will carry this message as well as increasing awareness of other important bio-based products that can be produced as part of the ethanol process, making the U.S. a leader in this area as well."

"This is a truly American solution," Senator Burns said. "Literally every corner of this country can have a role to play in ethanol production, whether it is municipal and urban waste in the northeast, forestry and agricultural wastes in Western states, special energy crops in the South, or grain in the Midwest."

Program sponsors say the effort is of a magnitude that has never been attempted in reaching out to industry, government, consumers, academia, media, and others.

The Ethanol Across America program will employ a wide range of methods to educate the public, including educational publications, conferences and workshops, consumer brochures, and an already released curriculum guide for a high school level course on ethanol. A dozen conferences and workshops are planned for the next year, with an emphasis on areas of the United States that have not historically been involved in ethanol production. Ethanol Across America will also serve as an information clearinghouse by creating a national services directory database and a national speakers bureau.

One of the highlights of the campaign will be the Ethanol Minute, a unique national Radio program featuring spokespeople from all walks of life discussing various ethanol issues. Broadcasts begin June 9th nationwide.

"We are very pleased to have the leadership of Senators Nelson and Burns. Along with our partners at the Department of Energy and key segments of the ethanol and transportation industries, we feel that we have assembled a winning team" said Doug Durante, Director of the Clean Fuels Foundation.


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