Washington, DC, June 16, 2003 – As part of a national education and outreach campaign called Ethanol Across America, the Ethanol Minute weekly national radio program began last week which will air on more than 400 stations nationwide and feature various experts and authorities on ethanol blended fuels.

The Ethanol Minute provides brief informational messages on various aspects of ethanol use such as benefits to national security, rural development, emissions reductions, economic stimulation, biobased products related to ethanol production, and performance.

U.S. Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Chairman of the Ethanol Across America campaign, kicked off the program with a general message on the benefits of ethanol. Future programs will feature Co-Chair and fellow U.S. Senator Conrad Burns of Montana addressing the role of ethanol in reducing U.S. dependence on imported oil; Indy Racing League Professional Driver Paul Dana speaking on performance of ethanol fuels; David Garman, Assistant Secretary of Energy on opportunities for biomass ethanol and biobased products; Lt. Col. William Holmberg USMC (ret) on ethanol and national security; and other officials from the U.S. Departments of Energy and Agriculture. Various other dignitaries and celebrities will be participating in the coming months.

Ethanol Across America spokesman Douglas Durante said, "This is America's clean burning, renewable alternative fuel and this is exactly what Ethanol Across America is about — spreading the word and involving people from all walks of life."

Ethanol Across America is a non-profit, non-partisan education campaign of the Clean Fuels Foundation and is sponsored by industry, government, and private interests.


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