Washington, DC, May 3, 2004 — General Motors Corporation, a longstanding supporter of fuel ethanol, will be the featured guest this week on Ethanol Across America's "Ethanol Minute."

Gary Herwick, Manager of Alternative Fuels for General Motors, discussed recent GM studies supporting the use of ethanol, and stated that ethanol is a major area of focus for the company.

"GM supports ethanol because it makes sense. In fact our studies indicate cellulose ethanol could essentially eliminate CO2 emissions from cars and trucks, and provide a cost effective alternative to gasoline, thereby addressing many energy use concerns," said Herwick.

He added that "GM supports ethanol use, and we urge owners of E85 capable vehicles to use these fuels whenever possible."

The Ethanol Minute is broadcast nationwide at more than 440 stations per week. The series covers various aspects of ethanol production and use, including performance, health effects, economic development, and other related issues.

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